Thursday, 25 August 2016

Necromunda Repainted: Post Wash and some highlights

Right. So I like the thick dirty wash I gave them... gives them a nice dull overall look. Was very tempted to leave them there. But this time I tried a few (very dodgy) edge highlights. I am not looking for a Golden Demon finish, I just want something that is not too sore on the eyes from a few feet away.

I know the photos are washed out, still experimenting with everything, but they have to look a bit better than the originals from 20 years ago.

My aim now is to add a few highlights, a few more of the washed down base colours to tone some of those highlights down, then maybe varnish them (which I have NEVER done before... I was going to use Vallejo Polyurethane Satin). Then take them off their slotta bases and start to try and fit them on the finished scenic bases.

This is all just me easing back into things and slowly, one tiny step at a time, improving my technique. All comments welcomes, especially those that point out where I can improve!

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