Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Painting & Storage

I have very limited space in my house so I have used a few left over kitchen cupboards and put them in the garage.

Within the top cupboards I keep all my painting and modelling gear

In the bottom ones I keep all my models (well.. some of my painted models anyway. There is still a mountain of stuff elsewhere). These are kept in KR cases. I have a few cardboard ones and a couple of different size aluminum ones.

The smaller aluminium case actually holds all my Xwing stuff. The larger one is quite suitable for swapping out a current army to go and take elsewhere. The KR cases keep them nice and secure and dust free.

My painting table is actually the living room table. I take out the top hobby box and a large old towel and spread that out on the table, with a cutting mat on top.

In that I just about keep almost all my Vallejo and GW paints with the brushes and bits and bobs and a mat. The other hobby case is for modelling with spare bitz, lots of bitz, knife, basing material etc. I have a large box of modelling knifes and such like. On top of the cabinet is my compressor and metal box for stripping models.

For such a limited space I am able to keep everything neat, tidy and safe and it only means pulling out a box or two to get setup for a painting session. It does mean packing away afterwards and not being able to leave it out...but then with my 5 year old I would not want to leave anything out!

Models that are work in progress sit on a tray above a kitchen cupboard in the kitchen, out of harms reach and sight of everyone else.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Recruiting from the Hive Worlds

I have always seen my IG Company as being made up of the remnants of other companies and regiments. On the real battlefield you would re consolidate surviving troops into another formation. I also do not see why this could not be a more permanent state of affairs. The regiment could be formed and prove itself battle hardened and simply be shifted onto the next battlefield without breaking them up again and doing a costly amount of moving small squads around.

This at least gives me the excuse to use the models I like rather than be tied down to one particular style of models of type of regiment.

In my IG army I have mostly Cadians and Catachans, but I have a healthy number of Tallarns, old style Stormtroopers, Orlocks, SoB Militia and a few Mordians.

I like to think of them as a platoon of each type. They all have a common painting scheme (although the ones that are more like PDF/Militia/Conscripts have a simpler style and less camo).

In my opinion the older Orlock models make excellent additions to the IG, especially alongside the Catachans. In fact they work quite well the other way round. I always had a Catachan plasma gunner in my Necromunda gang and he did not look out of place.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Man Down!

These are some of the casualty models for my Imperial Guard.

These models are from Pig Iron

Pig Iron Casualty Models

Although not exactly the same wargear as your IG trooper from GW, the fact that they are casualities means they could be local IG, PDF or some other person. Scale wise they fit in nicely and do not look out of place, and although they are clearly non GW they still fit in the universe. Their weapons and gear could easily be IG or PDF and in fact I think they look a little like drop troopers.

They make great objective markers and add a bit of spice to the battlefield, which is why I have painted mine up to look different to my guardsmen (all several hundred of whom have a common theme and battle dress). This is also why they are on the larger square bases.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Rough Riding

There has always been something unique about the concept of the original Rough Riders. This strange anachronism of riding a horse into battle alongside laser and plasma weapons and giant mechanical constructs is quite telling about the 40K universe.

I know these are not the best painted examples in the world but I was a bit scared doing the horses with another 100 Bretonnians sitting on the shelf waiting for a lick of paint.

Gaming wise I always liked to field these, even if they have been over costed ever since Second Edition. I just like the idea of them rolling across the battlefield and throwing back a squad of power armoured monstrosities!