Thursday, 1 August 2019

Army on Parade - 013

Demolition Team Shayal

You need something blown up? Something burnt down? Perhaps both?

Demolition Team Shayal reporting for duty. With heavy flamers (and a lot of experience in using them in the jungles of Catachan) and Demolition Charges, Team Shayal can clear a path for you.

Whilst they may have cut their teeth on burning and blowing up in the jungle, they are equally at home in the cityscape or the battlefield.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Army on Parade - 012

Penal Legion

The Imperial Guard is a tough place for anyone... woe betide you if you fall foul of the rules and regulations.

Those who commit a crime that does not warrant immediate execution or petty punishment may find themselves assigned to a Penal sS

You will be given the most basic of weapons and equipment and be expected to lead the assault from the front. If by some miracle you survive a mission (or ten) then you may have the opportunity for some redemption.

More likely you will be just softening up the enemy and absorbing some of their ammunition.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Army on Parade - 011

Something Dirty!

Not all the jobs are clean and precise. Sometimes you need someone to do a dirty job. Sometimes it takes some rules to be bent or broken to get the job done. Sometimes it takes some people who just don't care about the rules.

Apellen Squad are happy to do that for you.

Apellen Squad hail from Catachan. Most Catachan soldiers already have a healthy disregard for rules that come from high up in a command structure where the person giving the orders is not on the front line (or even on the planet). As such they are happy to do things their own way and get the job done using whatever is to hand and doing whatever it takes.

Their gear is an eclectic mix that takes the best of what is to hand and mixes it up. No standard issue gear here or standard pattern lasguns.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Army on Parade - 010


Do you need some heavy infantry cut down? Autocannons

Do you need some light vehicles taking out? Autocannons

Do you need to punch a hole in structures and defenses? Autocannons

Do you need to lay down some serious suppressive fire? Autocannons

Do you need some fast moving skimmers and flyers brought down to Earth? Autocannons

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Army on Parade - 009

Special Weapons - Cadian

Each Cadian squad is normally equipped with at least one special weapon. One favourite of the regiment at the moment is the flamer.

The current planet they are operating on as a wealth of fauna and flora ... it has some large leaved growth and trees that limit line of sight and general vision. The flamer is ideal for clearing spaces and is also quite handy in emptying pockets of resistance, clearing out defended hard points and bunkers and generally really really putting the enemy off from approaching you.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Army on Parade - 008

Ogryn Squad

"Righto Sir! Bash that big pointy thing and knock down that wall and shoot those noisy squishy things!"

"One bad guy mash coming up sir! Load em up lads! We is going to be helping out the Sargeant here and taking out that there position"

Ogryns are not known for their subtlety. If you want strong assault troops who are able to broadly follow a few simple orders than they can deliver a few key positions for you on the battlefield.

Alternatively, if the enemy has crack troops making their way towards you then you can point and fire the Ogryn Squad in their general direction and watch chaos unfold as they launch into each other. More often than not the Ogryn Squad will steamroller over them and carry on looking for more things to shoot and bash.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Army on Parade - 007

Catachan Snipers - "The Ligar Scorpions"

It is not just the Ratlings that are trained to hit a target the size of a credit chip from miles away. Some of the Catachan contingent make expert snipers.

From birth on their Death World, Catchans are trained to use weapons and have to undergo regular target practice just to survive on their home planet. One of the smaller animals that infest their jungles is the Ligar Scorpions.

These scorpions are about the length of a thumbnail and are coloured to match the background of the trees they normally spend most of their time hugging, lying in wait for their prey. They are patient hunters that actually wait for one of the other hundred odd species to run up the trunk of the tree by them before viciously striking out with their poisonous barb, instantly paralyzing their prey.

The Ligar Scorpion squad act very much like their namesake - they are able to conceal themselves for long periods of time waiting for the right time to strike.