Monday, 21 September 2015

Foot Knights

Foot Knights. Something Bretonnia should have always had. Yes they may have the flower of cavalry in the Old World (well... according to fluff... when in actual fact inner circle Empire Knights trample all over Bretonnian knights. gah.... GW should just have let Bretonnia have the best knights and be done with it.. Empire have EVERYTHING!)... but what you really need when it all gets muddy and messy is some strapping bloke in ten tonne of armour waving a huge broadsword around in your face. Foot Knights give Bretonnia another option.. a half decent infantry unit ... and they are fun! Look around at the old models (take a look Foundry miniatures which effectively carry the old old Bretonnian models) they have a lot of character. There are plenty of models in there that you can picture a diorama for.
This is my first unit of Foot Knights... I have another batch at the washing and basing stage. They are deliberately 'dirty' and not crisp... after all they are foot slogging it.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bretonnian Army - needs some care and attention

Over the years since the box set of Warhammer with the super sharp one piece pointy goblins and elves, I have collected a large (well massive?) Bretonnian army. I loved the theme and background and how they played on the tabletop. The trouble is, until recently (20 odd years later) they had not seen a lick of paint! I am now in the process of going back through and giving them some care and attention. My painting skills have now reached Level Basic Table Top If You Squint From Six Foot so I think the time is now or never (leave it any later and I will be doing them when I retire... chances are my hand will be even more shaky then!). So here is the unpainted army:
I have already made a start to this with some foot squires (truth be told I am shying away from the legion of cavalry at the moment)
The paint work on these is deliberately left dirty with the wash and I have chosen not to highlight as I normally would. Eventually I want them contrasting with the brighter, crisper paint job on the knights.