Friday, 26 April 2019


For my birthday (ok... that was way back in August) I asked for and gratefully received a box of the new Orlocks. I have always had Orlocks as my Necromunda gang, from way back in the day. These new lot put me off a bit when I first saw them, they seemed so different, but I must admit they are growing on me

I have also had one of these objectives boxes for some time after snapping up one cheap from a games store on an online sale

They are the current batch on my painting plan (ok.. that means they have sat on top of the cupboard in the kitchen for AGES whilst I find the time and motivation to get back into painting!)

VIP types and citizens

These little things were bought as presents for me (ok... I had them on a wishlist and I think my wife clicked at random on the list)

I like the look of some of these. I think they match up with the old 2nd Edition / Rogue Trader type look very nicely and they add a bit of snazz to the collection

I know the bases are not finished and look pretty rough. I was trying to experiment with a way to base them on a normal sized base as they come with a set metal base as they are one piece models. This was a dodgy attempt to cover it up with some air dry clay. I think a bit more work on this and it could be more presentable.

I think some of these could easily pass for a marshal, or someone to call in a bit of air support or some such.

Remember these?

Remember those models that were a blast from the past? (well... ok... maybe posting on the blog after such a long time is that in itself)

Well they did get a paint job...

Pretty basic job but I am happy with them for the moment.

In fact I had finished them and put them away before I even realised I had not done any real basic highlights or anything... hey ho!

I think they could fit quite well in the stormtrooper type role. Or even specialist troops from PDF or something similar. They could also probably pass as Arbites in Necromunda.