Thursday, 4 August 2016

Necromunda Repainted: Flesh wash and base colours

Once the flesh colour has dried I like to give it a good drenching in Flesh Wash. I am still using an ancient bottle of GW Flesh Wash.

Once this is dried I like to start to build up the main colours. I normally paint in large batches. This time round I have around 15 gangers and about 10 ratskins/scum/bounty hunters etc on the go. I normally just choose a colour that takes my fancy from the paint box, measure out some on my palette (I use Vallejo mainly with the dropper bottles), add a drop of water and go to town.

With the repainting of this gang, instead of having them all in a 'uniform', I want them to be more realistically dressed. I would prefer them this time to have some unifying colours (I have gone for various shades of blue) but still have a good deal of variation in themselves. I think I want them more like they dressed themselves in whatever they had to hand rather than have some uniform dress handed out from the central gang store. They still have the same colour tabard hanging down but this time I do not want all their scarves to be the same colour.

I am also going for something a bit different with the weapons. I have several hundred Imperial Guard with red lasguns. This time I want the gang to be more varied but I want the best weapons to be a dark green. I can imagine these were 'borrowed' from some PDF or IG store somewhere.

I am also going to have many tiny spot covers in tiny different parts of the detail. A lot of this might be obscured in the heavy sepia wash later on but I want there to be some variety in the colours in play here.

My painting skills are very limited and I am still learning. I think rather than blending really well I will stick with various colours, heavy wash, edge highlighting and then go from there.

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