Monday, 15 August 2016

Necromunda Repainted: How many base colours?

So this time round with the repaint I am aiming to have them a little neater (hey... I still cannot paint to save my life but I can do a better job than I did before). I am intending to have more than just a few main block of colours.

I am looking to bring out some of the detail of the models with multiple tiny little spot colours. They will be getting a very liberal sepia wash which may well cover up a lot of what I am messing about with but hopefully something will still show through.

So the aim is to tidy up the main colours. Then give it a good old wash. Then do some edge highlighting and see how they look then.

Along the way I need to attend to the bases as well. The Ratskins and Scum I undercoated at the same time will be painted up in a different batch as they will be using quite different colour sets.

Whilst tidying up my model cupboard I also found a lot of Junker I-Kore (I think that is what they are) which have sparked the interest of following through the Necromunda theme with a massive load of Enforcers!

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