Sunday, 3 July 2016

Rulesets Galore - Who needs AoS?

So I may be a player that has not played in nigh on 20 years. That does not mean I have not dreamed about it, made up army lists and kept up to the speed with the latest developments.

I have in fact collected quite a few rulebooks over the past year, including actual printed ones! I hope to look at them together over a few posts and compare some of their main features.

Lion Rampant from Osprey is written by Daniel Mersey. It gives an excellent broad set of rules that allow you to plan lots of historical battles from the medieval period and can be adjusted to suit your needs if you are a Bretonnian player!

Dragon Rampant is an adapation of Lion Rampant, catering for the fantasy market. Written by the same author it allows for some variation in play and a wider range (or stranger range) of units.

Conqueror: Fields of Victory by A H Lloyd is another set of rules that starts from the ground up that allow you to play historical or fantasy games a little more rapidly than the old fashioned bloated rules of certain Warhammer editions.

One Page Fantasy is part of the excellent One Page Games website that, well, pretty much allows you to play fantasy in one page of rules!

Ninth Age is essentially a fan reworking of Warhammer Fantasy, carrying on from where it left off before AoS squatted some of the armies in an attempt to rebalance everything.

All of these look excellent and value for money. I cannot pretend I have played any to death but I hope to look at a few of them in more detail. If anything, owning or using several of these provide a useful alternative to whatever your favourite system is and allows you to keep it fresh and different whilst using the same models.

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