Sunday, 3 July 2016

Necromunda Repainted - Basing

Now when I originally played Necromunda 'basing' meant putting them in the slotta base so they stood up and didnt fall all over the place

A good 20 years later and I am thinking there might be more to it than that!

This time round I hope to put them on a little bit of hive city. I have ordered these from Daemonscape on ebay for the princely sum of £3.50 for ten

I spent a lot of time looking at bases on ebay, many of which were too generic for me or mdf (not too sure they had the detail I wanted). I could have made my own from bitz and bobs and greenstuff but I have yet to really try the green stuff in anger

These seemed like a nice deal and if they did not work out as I intended it was not too much money I had splashed out. I was very tempted by the new basing set from GW itself, especially if you get 60 bases. However I was put off by some reviews on Youtube that showed the detail may not be what it is all cracked up to be.

Once I get these little boys in the post I will put up a more detailed review.

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