Thursday, 30 July 2020

Taking Shape

The buildings are now taking shape. I have slowly added some shelving, some counters, some junk and lots of gubbins and bits everywhere.

I have knocked up a shop keeper with sort of bionic / damaged arm and some weird helmet (ok ok.. it is an out of scale WW2 helmet)

I have PVA'd every surface to within an inch of its life and I found some black sand in the garage so I have sprinkled that on everywhere.

Escape hatch in the bottom (it IS a weapons shop... you never know what sort of undesirable customers you might get)

Broken up the surface with all the offcuts and sawn off bits lying around after cutting down the sprues for the containers to make the stuff.
Plenty of old Jenga blocks with some bits make some nice makeshift crates.

It is taking shape now.

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