Thursday, 23 July 2020

A place to hide

Everyone needs somewhere to shop... having seen all the other outstanding posts about reusing the armoured containers from Games Workshop as 'shops' in Necromunda I fancied having a go myself.

My budget could not stretch to £30 for a set of three so I ordered these for £6 including postage from the excellent Trolltrader on Ebay.

This also prompted me into spending a good few hours tidying up my Warhammer cupboard and trying to get my umpteen boxes of bitz down to a more manageable size.

I had been tucking away all sorts of bits and pieces (in boxes in the garage.. some of which I still can not find!) in the hope they would come in useful for scenary.

This one I see as a weapons emporium. None of the insides are done yet. They will eventually have a counter and shelves and all sorts. For the moment I have been putting together the rough outline.

This will be a well stocked shop, perhaps with the bulk of the weapons stored underground?

Not many places have a heavy flamer on the door and a missile launcher on the roof. Does it work? Would you want to find out?

This one will be more of a general store. Perhaps the blue gubbins is a water filter? I should imagine decent quality water would be at a premium in the underhive. Maybe that is why it has a storm bolter on the top.

Again I have a lot of bits and pieces to add to these...

I have glued these together with PVA and used old hardboard backing from photo frames for the bases. I have also put a watered down layer of PVA over almost everything as a base for painting. Plastic to plastic uses the traditional Revell plastic glue and everything else is stuck with pound shop superglue (the sort where you get 10 to a pack).

This last one will be the 'Docs'. I have the medical chair and bits from the objective box that Games Workshop do and this will fit in nicely. The blue and white thing laying outside on the bricks will probably be glued on the ceiling upside down.. a bit like the modern surgery room gubbins...

The metal pack on top is just loose.. this will move outside for 'power'... there is clearly some sort of communication tower out back and lighting provided by a spotlight out front.

All in all I am  very pleased at what you get for £6. The quality and fit is excellent and I think I will look at some more of the TT Combat stuff from Ebay to expand on this project.

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