Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Painting Moonraker & Spearmen

Work has been as busy as ever and so has home life so I have not been able to break out the paints as often as I would like to relax. However I have slowly made some improvements to the miniatures mentioned in the previous post, as well as another unit of Bretonnians that have been primed ready to go for a year!

I still like the sculpts. I think perhaps some of the hands are a little out of proportion but they have some interesting details and I do not think they would go amiss in the realms of 40K as civilians, advisors, henchmen, background scenary, dioramas, objectives etc.

I also bought a new lamp (Ikea but I got it from ebay second hand) and a daylight bulb (from Lightbulbs Direct - good price and a wide range of stuff). It means I do not have to squint even when I have the 15 bulbs on in the front room (yes... 15 of the damn things and it is still a bit dim for painting)

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