Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Moonraker Miniatures

So for Christmas my wife also bought me some miniatures from Moonraker Miniatures.

Moonraker Miniatures

The one on the left I can see as being a governor or official. The second one in I can see as being a security bod. Third one across is an adventure, or inquisitorial henchman. The last one has to be a guards(wo)man.

Left to right we have an inquisitorial henchman, commander/governor, tech guy, civilian, crewman.

The moulds are very good, hardly any flash at all anywhere, crisp detail and quite a complicated model in places.

They took my new Vallejo primer very well and I am now in the process of painting them up. For £1.50 each you cannot fault them in any way and they do not really look out of place next to my other models (pics to follow once painted so you can see them in scale).

To be honest I am not even sure what I wanted to do with them. I think now that I am getting old, and now that I have less disposable income, I am really thinking hard about my hobby purchases. I still am tempted by an awful lot and I still have a mountain of unpainted stuff, but I look through various companies now and I am no longer a GW only person.

GW seem to be getting back on track and I still have thousands of their models... but at today's prices it becomes very hard to justify my meagre hobby spend on their models. At the moment I am really only using birthday and christmas presents as a way to acquire hobby material. I simply cannot afford to outline the average £20, £30 or £40 on a single unit or tank like I might have done when I was younger.

Companies like this offer an awful lot of bang for your buck. I am also of an age and a mind now that the odd non-GW model slipped in among my units and characters adds to their appeal rather than stands out as an eyesore. Some of these models just here are excellent character pieces or special pieces for a unit (or even scenary or background).

This, the aether pirate (see post below) and artillerist (see earlier post) really are in the same spirit of the original GW models and lines. They fit in lovely, the scale difference is no real problem and it gives a big boost (I think) to the look and feel of the army on the table.

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