Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hive Platoon

I have always loved the metal Orlock figures. They seem such a nice mix of guard, army, hive, scum and gang.

I actually use a fair few of them for a couple of squads (I have enough for a platoon... just need painting up and some need stripping).

They are also my chosen gang for Necromunda. I managed to get a fair few of them cheap on ebay many years back and eventually decided to paint them up for my IG army.

My IG army now has a platoon (of various sizes, but at least 3 squads) of: Catchans, Cadians, Tallarn, Orlocks, Militia, Old Style Stormtroopers.

They seem to fit the ideal of a hive platoon or even just conscripts/PDF.

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