Monday, 26 October 2015

Militia in the IG

These I use as another platoon (I have Cadians, Tallarns, Catachans, Orlocks, old style stormtroopers and a mixed platoon of bits and bobs). They are the original Frateris Militia for the Sisters of Battle.

They are not a bad little sculpt. The only trouble is there are only so many poses.

I think they would make great models for Necromunda as well, especially those with the autopistols. They do not fit in too bad with the Orlock platoon I have as well. You could easily imagine these to be some sort of militia or PDF drafted in to help the IG.

These were among the first models I experimented with edge highlighting once I got back into painting in my old age (previously it was a slap of thick paint on, done... now I am slowly learning how to bring them out a little bit more into a tabletop standard)

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