Sunday, 25 October 2015

Captain Taske

A long, long time ago (but in this galaxy) I did used to actually play Warhammer 40K. It really started properly with 2nd Edition. I used to have regular games with a friend of mine and I liked to develop a narrative for each game into a long running story. My commander used to always be Captain Taske, originally using a metal Commissar model. More recently I picked up the newer model, in finecast (one of the few resin models I have) and decided to paint him up a little better than the original (which had the paint troweled on basically).
The pictures are not brilliant (camera on the phone and poor lighting do not help) but the model does actually have a few highlights and drybrushes... especially on the fur cloak. It is only in my old age that I have bothered to try to learn to paint better and improve, rather than putting down a single layer and calling it quits. This is a nice little model with a great deal of detail. I had no trouble with the resin itself and the paint took to it easily (I use a very simple priming solution - simple cheap acrylic paint watered down and then brushed on all over the model. I have used a proper primer.) The photo makes my attempt at a power sword look worse than it does in real life...however that is certainly a technique I need to try again and put a little more effort into exploring.

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