Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Army on Parade - 007

Catachan Snipers - "The Ligar Scorpions"

It is not just the Ratlings that are trained to hit a target the size of a credit chip from miles away. Some of the Catachan contingent make expert snipers.

From birth on their Death World, Catchans are trained to use weapons and have to undergo regular target practice just to survive on their home planet. One of the smaller animals that infest their jungles is the Ligar Scorpions.

These scorpions are about the length of a thumbnail and are coloured to match the background of the trees they normally spend most of their time hugging, lying in wait for their prey. They are patient hunters that actually wait for one of the other hundred odd species to run up the trunk of the tree by them before viciously striking out with their poisonous barb, instantly paralyzing their prey.

The Ligar Scorpion squad act very much like their namesake - they are able to conceal themselves for long periods of time waiting for the right time to strike.

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