Thursday, 20 August 2015

Into the Fray!

Welcome to what will probably be an infrequent and occasional blog about my wargaming hobby through the years. I started 'back in the day' (how I hate that phrase uttered by 10 year olds as if they were referring to something that happened back in their family ancestry!) with Advanced Space Crusade from Woolworths (remember Woolworths?) This progressed very quickly into Warhammer 40K with a Space Marine army (Dark Templars, my own chapter and no, not the excellent one that used to be found on the internet, mine predated that but did not have as much love or forethought). This led naturally into a very large Imperial Guard army which is still growing and getting out of control. Along the way I picked up and enjoyed Necromunda, various Warhammer box sets which resulted in a huge Bretonnian army (but no real games!) and some Battle Fleet Gothic as well. In my more senior years I have been enjoying getting back into the hobby by finally learning how to paint in more than one single step. This is a good way for me to relax at the end of the day even though I cannot remember the last real games I played of any of these systems! In fact my senior gaming habit has spiralled a little out of control with a large collection of XWing miniatures even though again I have not really even played a proper game at all.

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